Little Learners Love Literacy classes will commence on Monday 29th April, Term 2 of 2019

Limit of 2 children in each lesson.

One hour each week.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 am.

Fee:$500 for 10 week term.

Receive a free CD of MILO”S MUSIC and PLACEMAT when you enrol before 1st April and pay for the full term.

Children will learn one sound each week in a fun multisensory learning environment. All activities will centre around learning that one sound really well and then in subsequent weeks revising the sounds already learnt. Children will learn about and fall in love with the characters for each sound. They will do a craft activity, sing and dance whilst listening to the song for that character and learn how to correctly form the letter. All activities and games will develop listening skills, organisation, fine and gross motor skills and turn taking. 

Starting school with confidence is really important. The demands both academically and socially are huge in the first year of school. If your child begins school knowing something about ‘sounds , writing and reading’ it can make a significant difference to how they feel as a learner.

The Little Learners Love Literacy program teaches children to read, spell and write with confidence. It is developed from evidence-based research with explicit activities to engage children’s interest while teaching phonemic awareness and phonic skills to learn to read and write.

Some sounds are easier for children to say, feel and hear. For this reason, the sounds, /m/, /s/, and /f/ are introduced in Stage 1. Vowel sounds should never be introduced close together as they are tricky, however, at least one vowel needs to be introduced early so that children can make words. It makes no sense to teach children letters and sounds, without teaching them how to blend these sounds together to make words.

Once children know the first 8 sounds in Stage 1, they start reading decodable Little Learner books to put their skills into practice. The focus is on reading and decoding the words, not looking at the illustrations and guessing. Children feel success from the beginning and begin to understand what reading is all about.

Sandy uses the Little Learners Love Literacy® resources.  Little Learners Love Literacy® is a comprehensive, multi-sensory early literacy program featuring fun phonemic awareness and phonics activities.

Literacy for pre-schoolers, Mona Vale, Northern Beaches